Please read the instructions on this page CAREFULLY, as they explain the eCard process you must follow to receive your electronic certification from the American Heart Association.

First off, be ABSOLUTELY SURE you provide the CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS to your instructor at the time of the course. Preferably, this should be your PERSONAL email address, as corporate/work email systems frequently mis-direct incoming communications to junk mail or “spam”.

The email you will be receiving will originate from


ECard email

Once you click on the link embedded in the email, you will be taken to the AHA website, at which time you will be prompted to either login or create a new AHA student profile.


student profile copy



Fill in the requested information. Once complete, you will be required to fill out a course survey (as outlined in your class).


course survey


Once the course survey is complete, you will be then be presented with your eCard. If you then want to print your card (either full-size as a certificate, or wallet-size), click the relevant buttons – don’t attempt to print the eCard web page itself, as the results will be skewed when printed!


eCard Page